Peace Barn Pop Up at Swayze

Finding that perfect thing to make home feel like home can be a daunting task. But a partnership with Communities First, Inc. and a local boutique made that job a little easier for residents at Swayze Court Apartments.

Peace Barn, a vintage retail boutique in Downtown Flint, held a pop-up store at the recently developed apartment complex giving residents a convenient shopping experience right at home.

“Peace Barn is always growing and changing,” said Peace Barn’s owner, Michelle Cardillo. “Our goal is to give back to the Flint community as we pursue our dream of entrepreneurship, so I am working on making Peace Barn into a charity shop. Partnering with Swayze Court Apartments to bring a pop-up vintage shop to the residents is the first step of creating a relationship with community partners while building a reputation as a charity shop in Flint.”

Cardillo said Peace Barn has been involved with a number of pop-up events including in the Buckham Alley Fest Farmer’s Market and Drop Fest, and she felt holding pop-up store at Swayze Court would be a good fit for both Peace Barn and Swayze Court residents.

“I have long admired the work that (Communities First) does in the community and I contacted them in hopes we could pool our resources for the greater good,” said. “To do the pop-up event took some planning and decision making about what would be the best for both of our groups, so we decided on a fun pop-up experience where residents could come shop for home decor for their apartments.”

Each resident was given $10 in spending money from Communities First to shop at the pop-up store. Cardillo also gave residents a special discount and she shared decorating tips for their apartments.

“By giving the residents an opportunity to look beyond their basic housing necessities, we were able to provide decor and items like bath bombs, specialty soaps and inspirational wooden signs,” Cardillo said. “By offering residents the ability to decorate their space on their own, we are hoping to reinforce the feeling of pride in ownership and establishing a better sense of self which builds confidence and reinforces consistency.”

Peace Barn, a vintage retail boutique located in Downtown Flint, opened in March 2016 at 109 E. Third St. in the Paterson Building.

Cardillo said the pop-up store at Peace Barn is part of bigger initiative to give back to the Flint community. She added that she is looking to partner with other organizations like Communities First in hopes of giving back.

“Swayze Court is the first pop up designed like this, we would like to partner with other organizations in the community,” Cardillo said. “At Peace Barn, we are always looking for fun and creative ways to give back to Flint residents. We anticipate holding many more similar events in the future as we build a network of resources.”

Details: Peace Barn is a vintage retail store located in downtown Flint at 109 E. Third St.
Hours: Friday and Saturday from 10am to 3pm
Contact: Email Peace Barn at or call the store at (810) 618-3998. You can also find them on FaceBook at