Culture Shock

Culture Shock, as its name suggests, provides cultural experiences that provoke, surprise and stimulate. By altering and enhancing perceptions of arts and culture--in partnership with other community groups and businesses--individuals and families can expand their horizons, broaden their tastes and deepen their understanding of the world around them.

Individuals and families in inner city communities may not have as many opportunities to gain exposure to arts and cultural experiences. Culture Shock’s purpose is to give them initial contacts with aspects of culture so they may decide for themselves if they like it. If they do enjoy cultural activities, they can choose to pursue it further by taking advantage of the many cultural offerings in Flint--many of them free to the public. If they decide they do not like a certain style of cuisine, a specific genre of music or a particular sport they can choose not to partake in it. The point is not to force people to attend arts and cultural events but to give them the opportunity to decide which of the myriad aspects of culture resonates with them. Once a connection to culture has been made, the effects can be lifelong, bringing satisfaction and a sense of community.

Culture Shock promises to offer engaging, exciting and creative events throughout the year for families to take part in arts and culture activities.